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San Diego Chargers Weekly Poll Question: Are You Hoping the Chargers Win Out or Lose Out?

Yesterday's first ever regular season victory at Pittsburgh has kept playoff hopes alive (though just barely). Are you rooting for the Chargers to win out or lose out?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Now, obviously everyone on the team and affiliated with the organization is and should be working toward finishing up the regular season 8-8 and hoping things outside of their control break right for a playoff berth. That's not the question we're asking here. We want to know what you, the fans, are rooting for. We already know what Philip Rivers, Norv Turner and the rest of the Chargers are trying to accomplish. Please, oh please, don't bother rehashing that in the comments.

Do you want to see the team lose its last three games to finish 5-11, which would most likely result in a top 10 draft pick in next year's draft? As of Saturday, losing out looked like the the only thing left to hope for, but on Sunday, a Chargers win at Pittsburgh and a Cincinnati loss to Dallas opened the window ever so slightly. It is now possible that the Chargers by winning out and getting just short of a couple of miracles elsewhere could make the playoffs at 8-8.

The question becomes, is 8-8, with a minuscule shot at the playoffs worth picking middle of the first round rather than top five to 10? Vote in the poll and let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments.

Also, I'd just like to add that I hope you all managed to enjoy yesterday's win even though it hurt next year's draft position because that game was a ton of fun for Chargers fans. We hadn't seen them win in Pittsburgh in 18 years and if you didn't get some level of joy from that you're missing out.