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How Do You Watch the Chargers Game?

Find out how John Gennaro watches San Diego Chargers football games on Sundays, and enter to win a Smart TV Makeover from Samsung.

Tom Pennington

Samsung is running a sweepstakes to pick one lucky SBNation reader and give them a $10,000 makeover of their entertainment center. A big screen TV, a sound system that can rival earthquakes, the works. There's a link at the bottom of this post to enter into the sweepstakes and you should do that.

They've asked me to detail my sweet set-up for watching San Diego Chargers games as a part of this promotion. Hmmmm. I feel like they're going to be disappointed, but okay.

I have an old TV. It's 720p because that's as HD as HD got when this TV was purchased. Oh, sure, it's one of those real thin TVs so that one person can actually carry it by themselves. However, it was one of the first thin TVs, so it's still about 70 lbs. Words cannot express how much I loathe this hand-me-down TV (lesson learned: If you buy a really big TV and move to a smaller place, you lose ownership of the really big TV).

The speakers are as awful as speakers come, because with a picture this good....who needs audio? This is more important because I don't have any sort of external speakers. I get to deal with the garbled mess that comes out of these things for every football game, with volume that goes from way-too-quiet to way-too-loud whenever it damn well feels like it.

When I watch games, I'm usually sitting in my living room with my laptop on top of my lap. This is so that I can tweet and write halftime updates and make jokes about commercials during the game. I spend most of the game yelling both at Norv Turner to put Ryan Mathews back in the game and at my cats to stop walking across the keyboard. It's very luxurious.

Enter the Smart TV Makeover sweepstakes here.