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That Did Not Look Athletic: Wait A Minute!

That Did Not Look Athletic is like a patient on their deathbed and the chances of survival are 10%. At least that's what the odds makers at Caliente think.

Matt Sullivan

So you might be wondering to yourself, "Self? Wasn't I supposed to get a TDNLA: Bye Week Part 2 featuring the hapless Raiders of Oakland?"

You are correct. Both of you!


This is all I can show you from the miserable Raiders game* I sat through. In fact, I don't even know if I am allowed to show you this GIF of Beetlejuice/Raider fan laughing it up in a very creepy way at the Raiders and Jaguars game.

You see, the NFL doesn't like how awesome TDNLA is for us down trodden Chargers fans so the series, unfortunately, could be coming to an end.

Think of TDNLA as Val Kilmer playing the part of Doc Holliday in Tombstone. No, not the part when Doc's all hammered and he's making fun of Ike at the card table but when he's laying in bed in the Sanitarium coughing up blood on account of the consumption. Yes, TDNLA has Tuberculosis.

Is there any good news? Of course! Tuberculosis is treatable in a dry climate so we'll wait and see what happens to one of my very favorite parts of the week.

What about the Chargers loss to the Browns? Or their win over the Chiefs? Did those games not have GIFs! That's a good question. Thank you for asking it.

I did not track those games for TDNLA purposes because I was aware of the NFL's ire over GIFs, but had I done so, it's pretty obvious that Robert Meachem would have led the way with his game changing drop en route to the end zone and a victory over Cleveland.

What do you think? Drop any suggestions in the comments. We'll imagine what each GIF would have looked like.

Yours in Athleticism

*I have to tell you that I feel bad for Raiders fans. Their team is so dumb. One dumb penalty after another. It was a terrible experience for me, so much so, that I had to break up the viewing into 4 parts, a quarter at a time. When overtime rolled around the exercise ceased, I Just couldn't do it any longer. But know this about the first four quarters . . . I watched them for you.