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San Diego Chargers Weekly Poll Question: Should the Chargers be focused on the Wild Card?

After eight games, the Charger are a game back of the division and both Wild Card spots. Which should be the team's focus?

Stephen Dunn

Now, obviously the team is still focused on winning the division. It's bad form to stop trying to win the division when you're only a game behind the leader and have an opportunity to close that gap with a win just two weeks from now. That said, it doesn't look like the Broncos have another loss on their regular season schedule. That will make it tough to catch them. It's certainly tougher than catching the Colts and/or Steelers.

The Colts also have a soft schedule, but they're led by a rookie QB and really just aren't that good. The Steelers have a number of tough games left and are in danger of dying due to old age any day now. Of the other 4-4 teams, the Chargers have the best Conference record (which is the first tie breaker in a three(-plus) way tie.

Also, I know that we'll "know a lot more after this week's game," but that's a cop out. Obviously it'll be easier to predict things once we have more information. Don't be that guy.

I'm sure there are those of you that don't even think the Wild Card is a realistic possibility and are instead looking at a higher draft pick. You guys are terrible, but we'll include you in this poll as well.

Please vote in the poll and let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments.