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San Diego Chargers Will Lose: Cincinnati Bengals

Three reasons why the San Diego Chargers will lose the the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

John Grieshop

A.J. Green

In his second season, the Bengals star WR has caught 10 TDs in 11 games. To put that into perspective, on 9 San Diego Chargers have ever had entire seasons where they caught 10 or more TD passes (and none have caught more than 14 TDs in a season, which Green will probably do this year).

in summary, A.J. Green is really, really good. He'll spend at least half of his offensive snaps on Sunday going up against Quentin Jammer (who is laughably incapable of covering Green) and Brandan Taylor (in his first real action as a Safety in the NFL). Oh boy.

Bengals Pass Rush

If you were to guess how many sacks the Cincinnati Bengals had as a team this season, what would that guess be? Where would you expect them to rank amongs other NFL teams?

What if I were to tell you that, with their 35 sacks in 11 games, the only team that gets to the QB more than the Bengals is the Denver Broncos? Would that terrify you? Because it probably should. The two guys to watch out for on Sunday are Geno Atkins (9.0 sacks) and Michael Johnson (8.0 sacks), as they'll be going up against Mike Harris and Tyronne Green.

Turnovers and Andy Dalton

A few weeks ago, many were looking at the 3-5 Bengals and thinking that Andy Dalton may have been a one-year wonder in 2011. He was turning the ball over too often and it led to him also getting passive (which didn't help him to stop turning the ball over).

However he did it, Dalton has figured his way out of that slump and is back to being the efficient QB we remember from his rookie season. Check out these numbers:

September (3-1): 67.5% completion, 1111 pass yds, 8.8 yards/attempt, 9 total TDs, 5 turnovers

October (0-3): 60.7% completion, 720 pass yds, 6.2 yards/attempt, 5 total TDs, 7 turnovers

November (3-1): 61.8% completion, 938 pass yds, 7.2 yards/attempt, 11 total TDs, 1 turnover

See that? See how the QB stops making mistakes and suddenly the team starts winning? That's pretty crazy. Anyway, the San Diego Chargers don't really have the type of defense that's going to overpower Dalton and force him back to the guy he was in October, so expect a nice efficient game from him.