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Chargers vs. Bengals Blacked Out in Southern California

For the second consecutive week, the San Diego Chargers have not sold enough tickets to avoid a local television blackout.

Donald Miralle

Apathy among San Diego Chargers fans is at an all-time high, or at least its highest point in the last 5 years. Fans are unhappy with the players, the General Manager, the Head Coach, the Owner, the trainers and probably the parking lot attendants as well. Thus, they're not buying tickets and we (I'm including myself in the group of fans that prefers to watch the game on television) are getting screwed by it for the second consecutive week.

With only the Panthers and Raiders coming to town after this Sunday, it would not be a surprise to see the Chargers get blacked out for their last four home games of the season (and it would've been five had the team not been able to find sponsors to buy up tickets for the Thursday night game against the Chiefs). That can't possibly sit well with the Owner or anyone else that works for the team, including the players.