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Norv Turner Approval Rating: Week 13

After yet another second-half lead being turned into a loss for the Chargers, is it time to fire Norv mid-season?

Hey, remember how John Crean used to do these posts each week? Well, that John has been FIRED. Just kidding. He actually had a lovely and wonderful woman deliver to him a future Chargers cheerleader on Thanksgiving morning. Hilariously, the little baby won't let her daddy sleep a wink and so I'm here filling in for his approval polls this week.

Norv Turner is done. Before the Ravens game, you could argue that there was still an outside chance for a miracle run into the playoffs for Turner's boys. It may have seemed crazy to talk or think that way, but you couldn't deny that it could happen (because anything can happen in the NFL).

Now, you can't deny the possibility that the Chargers might fire Norv Turner in the middle of the season even if it means playing the rest of the year without an Offensive Coordinator (for not other reason besides 'We do not tolerate losing'). It's gotten that bad.

The talent stinks, and that's not really on Norv, but the offense has been really poor in play-calling and in execution. The team does not know how to get out of its own way. Basically, all the things that you have to attribute to Norv (as Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach) have gone terribly. Would they get better over the last month of the season if he were gone? Would it give the Chargers a leg up on the competition in luring the best available Head Coach?