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San Diego Chargers Place LT Jared Gaither on Injured-Reserve

In his first full season with the San Diego Chargers, Jared Gaither played in just four games before being placed on Injured-Reserve.


Jared Gaither, who missed the entire preseason and training camp in his first full season with the San Diego Chargers with a back injury, was placed on the Injured-Reserve list today with a groin injury. The second highest paid player in the Chargers 2012 free agent class, Gaither played just four games for the Bolts this season.

During his time in Baltimore, Gaither earned the ire of his teammates, coaches and the Ravens fans for his inability to stay helthy and his perceived lack of motivation. They even gave him the nickname of "Big Lazy". During a short stint in Kansas City, the same thing happened (except that Gaither never really got on the field at all). With three (expensive) years left on his deal with the Chargers, the same thing has already happened in San Diego. This is just who Jared Gaither is.

Heading into the season, the perception of A.J. Smith was that he had finally given in and brought in some talent via free agency. Robert Meachem is now getting paid a good chunk of change to keep the bench warm, Eddie Royal hasn't been healthy since Mini Camp (and has been terrible when on the field), and (at the end of the season) Jared Gaither will have played in 25% of the Chargers games in 2012. Jarret Johnson, who hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire, is the team's prize free agent acquisition of the off season.

This season just keeps getting better and better.