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San Diego Chargers Will Win: Denver Broncos

Three reasons why the San Diego Chargers will defeat the Denver Broncos on Sunday in Denver.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

It's Football

Crazy things happen in the NFL. The Chiefs beat the Packers last year! Remember that? The Titans smoked the Dolphins just last week. Who saw that coming? I remember picking against the Chargers last year against the Ravens, only to watch them make Baltimore look like a college team.

There's a reason they play the games. That reason is money. The other reason is that the outcome is never assured. The San Diego Chargers could defeat the Denver Broncos. Denver could fumble the ball 7 times (their RBs do fumble a lot). Peyton Manning could throw a bunch of interceptions (it's happened before). Heck, Manning could wake up with back spasms and can't play the game. What I'm saying is.....there's a chance.

Philip Rivers is Still Philip Rivers

I know, this could also be taken in a bad way. However, in the last two games Rivers has looked a lot like his old Pro Bowl-level self with one or two bonehead throws mixed in. If the Chargers get lucky or Rivers' figures out how to eliminate those couple of bonehead throws, San Diego has a chance. With a QB that good, you always have a chance.

Ryan Mathews

As a runner, Mathews has more success against the Denver Broncos than he does any other team that he's faced. He averages 114 rushing yards per game against them, and has run for 3 TDs in 4 matchups against the Broncos. With the amount of injuries on the Broncos' defense and how aggressively rush the passer, there should not only be lanes for Mathews to run through....there should be lots of daylight for him to run towards for big plays.

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