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Is HDTV Killing the NFL?

Roger Goodell thinks that advances in television technology are killing the NFL's ticket sales and its bottom line. He's not wrong.

J. Meric

Roger Goodell is worried. Roger Gooddell thinks that HDTV is killing ticket sales in the NFL, and he's probably right.

HDTVs have gotten so good, their picture so clear, and the NFL is covered in such a way that watching a game at home is like having a seat on the sidelines (but one raised up 100 ft every so often so that you can actually see all of the action). You might see more of what deep safeties and gunners are doing when you're live at the game, but the amount you miss in comparison to watching on TV is staggering.

The main reason for this is that there are 22 players on the field. There's a lot going on in every NFL play. If you look at one spot, you're going to miss at least three things that happened that made the play succeed or fail. Watching at home, you get replays and analysts that show you each of the four or five things that made the play. Watching at the game, you're left guessing.

Plain and simply, the NFL might be too complicated to be an enjoyable live event for those of us that enjoy analyzing the game. This is why I almost never attend Chargers games. The TV experience is better if you care at all about what's going on in the game besides the score and who turned the ball over. I don't know how the NFL could fix that, but they're probably working on it. In the meantime, enter below to get a Smart TV Makeover for your living room so that you can enjoy Chargers games even more from your home!

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