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San Diego Chargers Weekly Poll Question: Is The Season Over?

Following Sunday's loss things look grim, but is the season really over already?

Kevork Djansezian

Sunday's loss to Tampa Bay was a heartbreaker in a season of filled with them. It was the fourth loss in five games and it left the Chargers 2.0 games behind the Denver Broncos with seven left to play. The Broncos host the Chargers on Sunday and a victory would leave them only a single game back of the division with six weeks to go, but how likely is that? The Chargers already lost to the Broncos in San Diego after leading by three scores at half time. Since then the Broncos have only gotten better and the Chargers appear to have gotten worse.

So, the division may be out of reach, but what about the Wild Card? The Chargers are also 2.0 games behind the Colts (who have an incredibly easy schedule) and 1.5 games behind the Steelers (who get to beat up on Kansas City tonight). San Diego doesn't get to play the Colts and so would have to rely even more heavily on other teams to help them out. They'll get a shot at Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, though, so they have slightly more control over their own destiny there. Granted, the Chargers have been terrible in Pittsburgh historically, but there's at least a chance.

The Chargers share the same record as the Dolphins and Bengals, so there's no guarantee that passing the Steelers or Colts would result in a playoff berth either. At this point, the Chargers are going to have to go at least 5-1 the rest of the way to have a chance at making the playoffs. Can they do it or is the season over?