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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1st Half

The 4-4 Chargers head to Tampa to take on the 4-4 Buccaneers in an important game. San Diego is a little banged up heading into it.

Stephen Dunn

The second half of the 2012 season is here! The San Diego Chargers are.....not in great shape.

Mike Harris is expected to start at Left Tackle in place of Jared Gaither (who has played in half of the Chargers' 8 games so far). The Chargers are 2-2 when Harris starts and 2-2 when he doesn't, so take that for whatever its worth.

Vincent Brown, who was supposed to be practicing with the team by now and ready to make his return next week, is apparently nowhere near ready to do those things. It's time to start thinking about Brown as actually being gone for this season, which isn't fun.

This Chargers team has actually been quite healthy. I believe they only have one player on IR (Richard Goodman) and the only injuries that have kept players from missing games have been muscle pulls and tightness. However, the Gaither back/groin issues and Brown not returning could be the dagger that sinks this Chargers season if San Diego loses today and/or next week. I wonder if Dr. David Chao stays if Norv and A.J. get fired?