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A.J. Smith Approval Rating: Week 6

Our weekly poll of how Chargers fans feel A.J. Smith is doing as the Chargers General Manager.

Kent Horner - Getty Images

Rating an NFL General Manager's job performance each week can be a little difficult at times. Generally a GM doesn't do much each week to cause a shift in his approval rating.

So how can one rate a GM's job performance each week? Well, you look at the product on the field. Are all the pieces there to make the team the most competitive it can be? Are there glaring holes that should have been addressed during the offseason? Do we need to upgrade players at a particular position?

That's just some of the criteria we can use in evaluating A.J. Smith's job performance. Ultimately it's up to you to come up with your own criteria on how to rate him.


Last week, A.J.'s approval rating bounced back and is actually higher than it was following the Week 1 win over the Raiders.

This week, the Chargers looked like the better team overall against the Saints. Yes, there were some issues (the secondary getting torched on two Touchdown throws comes to mind), but overall the Chargers looked like the better team out there on Sunday. You can blame it on being handcuffed by the referees, you can blame it on Norv's play–calling (you'll be able to voice your thoughts on that in a little bit), or you can blame it on player performance.

Ultimately, it's up to you. How much of the loss on Sunday had to do with the team A.J. Smith fielded? How little did it have to do? Did A.J. put together the perfect team and there was just too much adversity that was out of his control?

It's up to you now. Vote below and comment away.