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NFL Week Five: Who You Should Root For

Richard goes through each game this weekend to let Chargers fans know who they ought to be pulling for in each one.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

There is only one remaining game this weekend that is completely irrelevant to Chargers fans.

Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals still look like the better team and thus more likely to factor into the Wild Card playoff picture. It's better that they get a loss here. Go Dolphins! (Importance: Moderate)

Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts

In the battle of AFC vs. NFC we have to root for the NFC even when they're playing what we think is a bad AFC team. Go Packers! (Importance: Low)

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs

This is the first game this year where I hesitated to automatically pull for the team playing a division rival. The Chargers still have a home game left against both team, but already hold a road win over KC. That said the division race is more important than HFA or WC. Go Ravens! (Importance: High)

Cleveland Browns at New York Giants

It's similar to the Colts game. The only difference is that the Chargers get to play the Browns and could theoretically be helped or hurt by the Browns' record if we got into tiebreakers. And I do so hate the Giants. Go Browns! (Importance: Very Low)

Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers

This one is almost as easy as the Chargers/Saints game. Go Eagles! (Importance: Moderate to High)

Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins

The Falcons absolutely shredded the Chargers. I didn't care for that. Go Redskins! (Importance: None)

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

Chargers play the Panthers this year. Things could still theoretically come down to SOV. Go Panthers! (Importance: Very Low)

Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars

It's the Colts situation a third time. Remember to follow @GenoMrosko for this game. Go Bears! (Importance: Low)

Tennessee Titans at Minnesota Vikings

The Titans are bad enough and the Chargers hold a win over them that I'm thinking this is more of a Browns/Giants situation than a Colts/Packers one. Go Titans! (Importance: Very Low)

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots

The Broncos are pretty clearly the Chargers' biggest competitor for the AFC West crown. Go Patriots! (Importance: Very High)

Buffalo Bills at San Francisco 49ers

The Bills are still dangerous and San Francisco is in the wrong conference to matter. Go 49ers! (Importance: Moderate)

San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints

What do you think? Go Chargers! (Importance: Highest)

Houston Texans at New York Jets

The Jets are all but done with Revis out for the year. Go Jets! (Importance: Moderate)