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Why the Chargers Will Lose: New Orleans Saints

Three reasons why the San Diego Chargers will lose to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night.

Chris Graythen - Getty Images

San Diego's Pass Defense

The New Orleans Saints offense, when run by Sean Payton and Quarterbacked by Drew Brees, is an unstoppable force of nature that can not be messed with. This season, with Sean Payton watching from his couch at home, we've only seen flashes of its normal brilliance. That being said, everyone knows that the Saints could figure it out at any moment and go back to being that team. The chances of them doing it at home, in primetime, with Brees about to break Johnny Unitas' record.....are better than we'd hope.

Should the Saints offense start clicking again, the Chargers are probably screwed. This is a defense that was embarrassed by Matt Ryan and the Falcons, and didn't look so hot against Carson Palmer's Raiders passing attack either. In fact, the only time they did look good was when Matt Cassel or Jake Locker were throwing interceptions into the chest of the San Diego defenders.

Lance Moore

Let's stay with the NO passing offense for a second, because I need to say this: Lance Moore is the most underrated Wide Receiver in the NFL. It's probably because people think it's Drew Brees doing all the work, or because nobody is quite sure if Moore is even a starting WR, but those things are silly.

Moore has 18 TDs in his last 34 games, and went for 90 yards and a touchdown off of 6 catches the last time he played the Chargers (in London). He also tends to play big in primetime games, so expect Brees to be looking his way the first time the Saints get into the red zone.


I hate the Superdome. I don't know why. I think because it looks a thousand years old inside and (after Katrina) brand new from the outside. Maybe it's because, especially in primetime, it gives the Saints a ridiculous advantage that the San Diego Chargers will never have because they'll never build a dome in southern California.

The Saints went 14-3 at the Superdome in 2010 and 2011, including going 9-0 there last season. Despite the fact that they're 0-2 at home so far this season, the Superdome still gives them an advantage that the Chargers can't match. Between it being a Sunday night game, giving them all day to get liquored up, and Brees possibly breaking a very old NFL record....the crowd will be nuts. Here's to hoping that Norv was blasting crowd noise at practice this week.