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Injury Report: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers

Eddie Royal, WR (hamstring)

Robert Meachem, WR (hamstring)
Chris Carr, CB (quad)

Jared Gaither, LT (groin)
Vaughn Martin, DE (neck)
Jonas Mouton, LB (hip)
Takeo Spikes, LB (elbow

The offense trying to get better while losing both Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal seems....scary. Those guys haven't been Vincent Jackson, but that doesn't mean that they're unimportant.

Kansas City Chiefs

Nate Eachus, RB (head)
Brady Quinn, QB (head)

Terrance Copper, WR (calf)
Glenn Dorsey, DE (calf)
Steve Maneri, TE (ankle)
Sanford Routt, CB (hamstring)

Devon Wylie, WR (hamstring)

Oh, hey! Dorsey and Routt being out would help the Chargers offense quite a bit. Probably just as much as Brady Quinn being out.