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San Diego Chargers Will Win: Kansas City Chiefs

Three reasons why the San Diego Chargers will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football.

Stephen Dunn

Matt Cassel

As a starter, Matt Cassel is terrible. In seven games, he turned the ball over 16 times! This is why the Kansas City Chiefs named Brady Quinn as their starting QB last week before facing the Raiders. The Raiders took very little time re-naming Matt Cassel as the starter, knocking Brady Quinn out with a concussion. He'll miss this week's game as well, which means Matt Cassel (who threw 3 interceptions against the Chargers in Week 4) gets all the snaps. Hooray!

Ryan Mathews

The last time the Chiefs defense kept the opposing team under 100 rushing yards was Week 3 against the Saints. The last time they kept the opposing team under 130 rushing yards was Week 4 against the Chargers. This defense can be run on, and should be run on to keep Tamba Hali and Justin Houston away from Philip Rivers.

Norv Turner's best hope to steadying this offenses rests in not-so-dependable hands of Ryan Mathews. It's time to give him 25+ touches each game and deal with the fumbles. If he does that against Kansas City, chances are that 24 gets 130+ total yards and finds his way to the end zone as well.

Antonio Gates vs. Eric Berry

In 2012, Gates has had three good games and three pretty mediocre ones. One of those good games came against the Chiefs, where he caught 3 passes for 59 yards and embarrassed Eric Berry every time the young Safety was left to cover him one-on-one.

The Chiefs will undoubtedly have a different game plan against the Hall of Fame Tight End this time around, but if the offensive line performs well it could result in the defense bringing more blitzers and leaving Gates one-on-one with Berry again. That can only spell good things for Charger fans.