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After Passing His Physical, San Diego Chargers Forced to Release Nate Kaeding

A few hours later, news came out from the San Diego Chargers confirming that Kicker Nate Kaeding had been released (he gets put on waivers first, I believe).

This is another black eye for the Chargers and their medical staff, a group that has been heavily criticized for the past few years. The situation makes it appear that the Bolts didn't know that Kaeding was healthy and/or were trying to keep him off of another team's roster for a few weeks. Either way, shady business.

What is more amazing is that David Chao, who works for the Chargers, was the one who gave Kaeding the physical and gave him a passing grade even though it hurts the team and makes them look bad. Between that and the remarkable health of this David Chao turning things around?