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The Acee Report: Week 4

Kevin Acee and Darren Smith talk Chargers with a focus on Ryan Mathews' role in the offense and AJ and Norv's treatment of the young running back.

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Kevin Acee met up with Darren Smith over the airwaves on Monday afternoon to talk about the Chargers' demolition of a woeful Chiefs team during Week 4.

I found this particular interview to be informative but also entertaining as both Darren and Kevin have an ever burgeoning rapport with one another. I suggest you go listen to the interview and that you do it now. But if you haven't the time I'll help you out with a synopsis right here at BFTB.

The format is a little different this week. Transcribing questions and answers is a real pain so instead of going through the process of listening / typing / rewinding / typing / listening / picking my nose / "Oh Crap I typed that wrong, again!"/ listening / and rewinding yet again, I've decided to try something new. I went ahead and listened to the podcast 11 consecutive times and then just paraphrased Acee's answers and placed them under bullets. It's all ball bearings bullet points these days.

Yes I listened 11 consecutive times. It's OK, don't feel bad for me. The interview was short and, as stated earlier, entertaining. Let's give it a go.

Wins Tell Us . . .

What do we know today about the Chargers that we didn't know a week ago when we spoke?

  • We know that the Chargers have the capability to be a swarming type of defense. It's what everyone wants to be.
  • The Chargers need to be that type of defense and they showed against the Chiefs on Sunday that they can be that type of defense.

AJM's Analysis: That was a fun game to watch. Donald Butler is an apocalyptic package of war, famine, and pestilence. I thank the University of Washington for sending us this revelation at middle linebacker.

Deodorant and Stank

Did that win yesterday, did it provide some very, very, necessary deodorant to the stench that came out of last Sunday (against Atlanta)?

  • Of course it did.
  • It helps us get over the Atlanta game but the Chargers need to be concerned about New Orleans and their offense
  • They did what they should do against KC. They made plays. It's what good teams do.
  • They're making the plays they need to while they're dealing with the other issue that the team has right now.

AJM's Analysis: What are these other issues of which Mr. Acee speaks? My vote is Antoine Cason. This is a way of prefacing my That Did Not Look Athletic article for tomorrow. Antoine Cason? Brutal. Brutal GIFs.

Ryan Mathews Gets Put On Notice

How surprised were you that AJ Smith was willing to go on the record with that kind of commentary?

  • AJ Smith never surprises me. AJ is the most fascinating person I've covered in 20 years.
  • The message was sent to Ryan Mathews.
  • If this is how AJ feels it's also how the organization feels. Don't fumble Ryan.

AJM's Analysis: I thought AJ's message should have been delivered behind closed doors. Like when your dad came to you and told you that you were born a hermaphrodite but that the family decided to raise you as a boy despite your feminine features. Keep that sh*t behind closed doors.

Is this a new personality trait for both AJ and Norv . . . where they went to this length to make a point?

  • This decision to put Ryan Mathews on notice may have been a function of AJ and Norv's tenuous job status.
  • The decision is also related to the make-up and chemistry of this veteran team and the idea of preaching accountability.
  • What Norv did with RM24 is what people have been asking of him: to be that hard-a** coach. This is a Norv that we haven't seen.
  • Norv is a master at not telling the truth but also not lying. Dichotomy! Norv is walking this fine line of truth each day when he gives his explanations of Ryan Mathews' role in the offense.
  • The message was sent to Ryan Mathews and received. He made a concerted effort to protect the ball during his time on the field, Sunday.
  • Norv was ecstatic about how RM24 played.

AJM's Analysis: Norv and his lies of omission. Personally, those are my favorite kind of lies. Leaving out a little bit of truth is essential when ever I decide to you attend a Beer Fest. Write that one down. For yourself, of course.

Who do you think starts this weekend in New Orleans at RB?

  • I believe it will be Ryan Mathews.
  • Ryan did his "timeout" like a good 3 year old on Sunday and then he went out and showed "dad" that everything was good.
  • Nice job getting Jackie Battle, AJ. But he's no Ryan Mathews.
  • Ryan Mathews gives the Chargers the best chance to win games.

AJM's Analysis: When the Mrs. and I use timeouts with our children to modify their behavior I find the results less than satisfactory. But this is an interesting take on timeouts. I'm going to bench my daughters.

Jared Gaither is "BACK"

You had mentioned that there might be some rifts with teammates, where does that stand today now that he's back?

  • You can tell how the players joked around with him that all was good.
  • All questions raised regarding Jared Gaither by me and others were fair.
  • All is forgiven with Gaither if he keeps protecting Philip Rivers week to week.

AJM's Analysis: Every time I hear something about Jared Gaither coming "back" I laugh. You know, because of his injured back? I am a moron.

Nate Kaeding's Pelvic Region

Will we see Nate Kaeding again this year?

  • The prediction is, probably not.
  • Nobody seems to know or they're just not saying.
  • Bummed for Nate that he might be headed to the IR.

AJM's Analysis: Severe groin injuries like this make me think of the time Jerome Bettis tore his groin away from the pelvic bone. And now I'm beginning to think of hermaphrodites. This is devolving faster than Gartrell Johnson's career as a Chargers running back.

Cornerback Chris Carr Signing

Is that a product of who the opponent is later on this week or something more?

  • You don't go against that New Orleans offense with 3 cornerbacks.
  • The Chargers better know who they are and better not go to that Atlanta game plan against the Saints.
  • And yes, Chris Carr signing with the Chargers is a product of who they're playing this week.
  • Chris Carr is not the savior.

AJM's Analysis: No, Chris Carr is not the savior. That role has been filled by Chase Headley.