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San Diego Chargers Weekly Poll Question: Will Dean Spanos Fire Norv Turner?

We here at Bolts From The Blue know you would fire Norv, but do you think Spanos will?

Stephen Dunn

Following Sunday morning's pathetic showing against the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland, even the most stubborn pro-Norv Turner Chargers fans are coming around to the idea that he should be let go. The argument in his favor was that he has had for most of his tenure here the best or one of the best records as Chargers head coach in the franchise's history. There was also the fact that he had won as many or more playoff games than any other previous Chargers coach including his predecessor, Marty Schottenheimer, who as you'll recall won zero.

The argument from the anti-Norv set came back, "well, anyone could win with this talent." This, of course, ignored the fact that Marty was unable to win with it and that plenty of talented teams in every sport manage to fall flat each year. It's also worth noting that many of you making that argument would also claim that A.J. Smith was terrible at his job which didn't exactly give the impression that you were being rational and consistent.

Luckily for the people making that argument, Norv stopped winning with that talent. They missed the playoffs each of the past two years and this year appear well on their way to making it three straight. The argument from the pro-Norv side was that he was doing the best he could with a less than talented team. The call then came for wholesale leadership changes in the front office which would naturally result in hiring a new head coach as well.

At this point, it seems unlikely that GM A.J. Smith is on his way out given that his last few drafts have actually been quite good and that the Spanos family seems content to keep him around until he retires given his past successes. This leaves us with firing Norv Turner. Everyone seems to agree on this much: this should be his Turner's last season as head coach of the San Diego Chargers.

The question, then, is this, "do you think Dean Spanos will finally pull the trigger and fire Turner or will he survive another season?"