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San Diego Chargers Lose to Cleveland Browns 7-6

The San Diego Chargers performed poorly in all three phases of the game and, deservedly, lost to the 2-6 Cleveland Browns.

Jason Miller

Box Score: Cleveland Browns 7, San Diego Chargers 6

Use this as your open thread for Sunday's late games and Sunday Night Football

That's it. I'm done. The San Diego Chargers may be 3-4, but they're 1-4 in their last 5 games and each of those four losses has come in embarrassing fashion.

I thought I'd never type these words on this site and seriously mean them, but Fire Norv. Fire everyone. Blow up everything. Bring in someone that can fix whatever is wrong with Philip Rivers, because that person is not Norv Turner. This organization, in it's current state, is ridden with cancer and dying quickly.

The loss to the New Orleans Saints showed a lack of maturity and an inability to defend the pass. The loss to the Denver Broncos just showed that they're a much better team than the Chargers are (remember how the Chargers' built that lead). The loss to the Falcons showed the same.

This loss to the Cleveland Browns shows that San Diego has almost nothing of value in the locker room. The Quarterback has the worse case of the yips that I've ever seen. The Running Back can't hold onto the football or pass-block, and everyone seems okay with letting him trying to figure it out using the methods that have not worked so far. The defense hasn't had a pass rush since 2007. The secondary is either too old, not deep enough or not talented enough, depending on which non-Eric Weddle player you're talking about.

The biggest problem? The team has no heart at all. They fight for nothing. They give up quickly. They get down on themselves at the first sign of trouble. They can't put anyone away (except for when Jackie Battle did exactly that against a Titans team that had no heart). The 2012 San Diego Chargers always seem to have the wrong play called and the wrong mindset for the situation that they're in. The players and coaches look very, very lost.

It's time for a chance. Assuming that Norv can take the same team that's lost 4 of the last 5 games and turn them into a playoff team is ridiculous. Is there another coach on the staff that could? Possibly, but you probably couldn't do worse right now. If A.J. Smith wants to continue to distance himself from Norv in hopes of keeping his job, this has to end right now.