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NFL Week Eight: Who You Should Root For

With a Chargers win and a Broncos loss, San Diego can find itself alone in first place again at the end of the day.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears
This one has very little potential impact, but Carolina is still on the schedule so they could contribute to strength of victory. Go Panthers! (Importance: Very Low)

San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns
This is probably the second biggest game the Chargers have played this season. Hopefully it goes better than the Denver game. Go Chargers! (Importance: Highest)

Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions
The Chargers don't play either of these NFC games, so we'll root for the lesser teams just in case the season goes in the tank and we need to hope for a high draft pick. Go Lions! (Importance: None)

Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers (NFC)
This one should work out the way we hope as the Packers are just that much better. Go Pack! (Importance: Low)

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets
These teams are both contenders for the AFC Wild Card. For my money the Dolphins are the better team and already hold the better record. Go Jets! (Importance: Moderate)

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles
Nothing to see here except potential draft considerations. Go Eagles! (Importance: None)

Washington Redskins at Pittsburgh Steelers
This one could end up being big. The Steelers are in contention for the Wild Card and that may need to be the Chargers' entrance to the playoffs. Go Redskins! (Importance: High)

New England Patriots at St. Louis Rams
This is a tough one as we never like to cheer for a Jeff Fisher coached team, but that's what we'll do. Go Rams! (Importance: Moderate)

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
The Chargers hold a win over the Titans and they're tied with the Colts in the Wild Card. Go Titans! (Importance: Moderate)

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs are the weaker team and it just feels good to watch the Raiders lose a football game. Go Chiefs! (Importance: Moderate)

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
This is another draft consideration only game. Go Cowboys! (Importance: None)

New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos
This game is huge. Chargers fans need a big Saints victory here. Go Saints! (Importance: Very High)

San Fancisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
MOAR draft considerations. Go Cardinals! (Importance: None)