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Could Weather Play A Factor in the Chargers/Browns Game?

It is expected to be cold, wet and windy in Cleveland for today's game between the Chargers and Browns. Will the Bolts be able to fight through the elements?

Scott Barbour

It's officially Fall, meaning the San Diego Chargers get to once again challenge their reputation as a team that doesn't handle the wintry elements well.

The forecast for today's game in Cleveland is as follows:

Temperature: 41 degrees F
Humidity: 90%
Wind: 23mph North
Chance of Rain: 100%

It has already begun to rain there this morning, so expect a soggy field for both teams to play on. The 23mph wind is the biggest element, though. Those winds are strong enough to knock down most deep balls, so those plays may have to be completely removed from both playbooks. That's probably a good thing for the Chargers, who have been struggling on those passes anyway.

The temperature, mixed with it being wet, will not be fun. However, this will be a good indication of if cold weather will affect the team before they head into snowy matchups in Pittsburgh and New York later in the season.