Fantasy Island - Week 8

Well, it's official. I hate Thursday Night Football. I mean I really don't like it. As a cool, very good looking Aussie I never really had a reason to hate a night of the week before. Now I do.

It really doesn't improve my life in any way*. It makes you submit your Pick Six thingummy too early to know what you're doing. My FF opponents ALWAYS do something amazing on TNF. Last week I got Gored, this week I got Doug Martined. Twice. And I have to suffer through that badly weird introduction with the dwarf dude. What the hell is that.

Followed by 3 days of waiting around until I can start trying to make up ground with my injury riddled FF teams. Meanwhile Doug Martin is sitting there with 36 points. Ugh.

Anywho, here we are at the official half way point** of the season and a low point of world history because the Chargers suck right now even during a bye and may continue to do so.

To alleviate any pain this causes you, feel free to make any vulgar comments you like below. And say anything relating to well, anything else.

* Except next week, when I get to see the Bolts vs Chefs, which still might not improve my life.

** There is no official half way point of the season. That's just silly.

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