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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: October 26, 2012

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Harry How

3TFO: Chargers @ Browns, Week 8 - Kevin Grauel
The biggest strength for the Chargers this year has been the run defense. Second-year man Corey Liuget is our sixth ranked 3-4 defensive end, thanks largely to his play against the run. Veteran nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin has 10 stops in the run game in only 66 snaps.

One guy to watch - Bill Williamson
The Chargers are in a funk after two terrible losses. Philip Rivers needs some help and there is no one who can help Rivers in Cleveland more than Gates, his favorite receiver. Gates can lift this team out of the doldrums

Bolts Preparing for "Explosive" Browns Offense - Ricky Henne
The Chargers have faced their fair share of explosive offenses this season, and that trend continues on Sunday when they visit the Cleveland Browns. Despite their 1-6 record, the Browns boast a number of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball that have caught Defensive Coordinator John Pagano’s attention.

4 Analysts, 4 Questions - The 2011 Draft Class - PFF Analysis Team
So welcome back 4 Analysts, 4 Questions, you have been missed. That’s right, our founding five (minus one technical guru) are getting together to shoot the breeze and the topic this week is the draft class of 2011.

Chat wrap: Big game for Chargers - Bill Williamson
If the Chargers win and get that terrible taste of the two blown losses out, they have a shot to roll a bit because their schedule eases. But if they lose, they could go in the tank.

Thursday Chargers Report - Ricky Henne
Thursdays are reserved for Defensive Coordinator John Pagano to speak at the podium, and he addressed a wide range of issues from what it takes to beat the Browns to limiting big plays in the second half.

Officiating: The "Push Out of Bounds" Defense - Mike Kurtz
If you can chuck a guy out of bounds and then he can't be the first person to touch the ball, why don't all CB's chuck their WR's out of bounds and then leave them alone for the rest of the play?

Week 7 DVOA Ratings - Aaron Schatz
San Diego is 21st against the pass, eighth against the run