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News from around the AFC West: Week 8

Oakland wins while the other three AFC West teams sit idly by. A QB controversy in KC? Say it ain't so!

Brian Bahr

Denver Broncos

Okay, enough time has gone by that I can talk about the Broncos without going into convulsions.

The Broncos, like the Chargers and Chiefs, had their bye this week. Aaaand, not a lot has come out of this bye week. No Quarterback controversy, no “illegal substance” controversy, just a quiet week in Dove Valley.

Oh, I guess one thing worth reporting is that LB D.J. Williams was sentenced to 30 days house arrest for a DWAI conviction. Williams is currently serving a 9-game suspension from the league, but he doesn’t have to start his house arrest until after the Super Bowl.

Aside from that, the Broncos have just been preparing for their Sunday night matchup against the New Orleans Saints. Manning and Brees playing in the same game, NBC must be furiously ... nevermind.

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Kansas City Chiefs

What ... a ... mess. Good news for Chiefs fans: Matt Cassel has recovered from his concussion. Even better news: Matt Cassel has been benched in favor of Brady Quinn as the starting QB for the Chiefs. When Head Coach Romeo Crennel benched Cassel, he did it with the caveat that the situation is fluid and Cassel could be named the starter again at some point.

In this week’s rankings, the Chiefs have been ranked last nearly across the board. The consensus seems to be a team with talent, but handicapped by injuries and bad QB play. I’d believe that.

That’s the biggest storyline to come out of KC this week. The Chiefs play host to the rival Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Oh, and Kansas City still hasn’t led in a game yet this year. That didn’t change during the bye.

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Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are back in the division race. While the 3 other teams in the division were resting, the Raiders were able to eek out an overtime win against the Jaguars. So now at 2-4, the Raiders are just a game back on the Chargers and Broncos, and a game up on the 1-5 Chiefs.

Will the Raiders actually make a run for the division title? Only time will tell. I don’t see it happening, but that could just be my bias showing through.

After dealing with numerous injuries in the past and roster turnover, it seems the Raiders have begun to get healthy and stabilize their roster. They’re still dealing with some injuries but things have improved a bit.

As mentioned above, the Raiders head to Kansas City this week to try and get a two-game lead over the Chiefs. If they lose, then the Raiders and Chiefs are tied for last place again at 2-5.

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