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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: October 24, 2012

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Pro Bowl Cheat Sheet - The AFC - Neil Hornsby
The selection of Floyd may raise a few eyebrows but he’s been the one bright spot in a disappointing Chargers passing attack. With a very good 1.88 yards per route run and just a single drop he may not be here at the end but for now he’s on the team.

NFL: Week 7 knee-jerk reactions - staff
Things are not good, and there's a lot of smoke building in San Diego. Of course, the Chargers can quiet the storm by winning a few games. If they don't, though, there could be big trouble ahead.

Towel-company president backs Chargers - Bill Williamson
Patrick Dugan calls his product "one of the best-kept secrets in the NFL over the past decade." Still, the president of a sports-towel company that has been thrust into the middle of NFL investigation doesn’t think the San Diego Chargers have done anything illegal.

Why .500 Broncos are AFC's best - Vince Verhei (Insider)
The Texans are not the highest-ranked AFC team in Football Outsiders' latest rankings. That honor goes to the Denver Broncos, perhaps the league's most underrated team.

10/23: X's and O's - Coach Barry - (VIDEO)
Coach Barry on X's and O's.

Chargers opponent scouting report: Browns need a turnaround - Tom Krasovic
The Browns last won a playoff game in 1994 (the Chargers’ Super Bowl year) when Bill Belichick coached them and Nick Saban ran the defense. Each man went on to win three championships, but only after he left Cleveland.

San Diego Chargers Cheating Scandal: Is it the Beginning of the End for Norv Turner? - Michael C. Jones
The San Diego Chargers are in the national news for all the wrong reasons amidst allegations of cheating following the debacle of a 35-24 loss on Monday Night Football in Week 6 vs. the Denver Broncos.