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"Grip Enhancer" Towel Manufacturer Speaks Out

This from Gorilla Gold, manufacturer of the towel that the San Diego Chargers are being investigated for using during an NFL game.

Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer, a polyester-blend towel impregnated with all-natural resins, is used in a variety of sports the world over including golf, racquet sports, track and field, soccer, softball, baseball and football. It supplies a light tack, much like a tackified glove. When applied to hands or gloves, as in the case of fastpitch softball, football or rugby, it leaves no discernible residue on the surface of the ball.

"In regards to the recent NFL controversy involving Norv Turner and the San Diego Chargers," Patrick Dugan president and inventor of the towel reported, "they were not the first, nor are they the only team or players to use Gorilla Gold. It has been in use by many teams including the CFL for over ten years on the field, on the sideline, and in the training room."

In addition to providing a light tackification, it makes any surface moisture repellent, improving control in wet conditions. In fastpitch softball, the NCAA, ASA, USSSA and the International Softball Federation currently approve Gorilla Gold for use by pitchers on the mound.


It is interesting that they don't specifically say that it is used by other NFL teams. Also, that towel sounds awesome and I would like to do science things with it.

The real question here is, if so many of the players already wear tackified glove, who was using this towel and why?