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Does This Catch Look Sticky Assisted?


The really unfortunate side affect of the Chargers possible banned substance story, is that amazing grabs like this one now have to be called into question. We're used to seeing Antonio Gates make ridiculous one handed snags, but this Touchdown from the night of the alleged bust takes the cake. I keep watching this one over and over. I can't decide if three and a half fingertips could be able to stop that ball's momentum so quickly; even if it is the death grip of a future hall of famer. If it is just some towel that every other team uses, or one rogue equipment manager, we're always going to wonder now. In the same way the haters love to (rightfully) rag on Merriman for steroids or (inaccurately) call Rivers a cry baby; for the next three years we get to hear about 'Stickum' every time a blogger or facebook lunatic wants to score some easy points. This will be the one thing that people who don't know anything about the Chargers will know about the Chargers. And that sucks.

On the other hand, one of the Charger players that would directly benefit from using a banned sticky substance has cleared up this little misunderstanding for us. This quote already got obliterated from every angle on twitter. No Robert, that fact that you might have cheated and still didn't win just means you guys suck at cheating (and also at burning clock with a lead).