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Norv: "Nobody from this organization has used Stickum in any game."

Here we go.

Can he say that for sure? What if Robert Meachem used it in a game when he was with the Saints? That'd be someone from this organization using it in a game.

Brilliant. Always blame golfers. People hate golfers, especially the way they're always trying to keep their hands dry.

This baffles me. I know for a fact that Norv Turner has a brother. Yet, somehow, he still hasn't learned that "But he was doing it too!" doesn't work as an excuse for why you were doing something wrong.

If I want to believe everything I read.....I.....I don't even know what to do with that. Here's what I read: "The NFL is investigating the San Diego Chargers and an incident where they were caught using an illegal substance."

Now, I don't know about Norv, but the Chargers send me press releases. They confirmed that the NFL is investigating them for an incident where they were caught using an illegal substance. Hell, Norv, you just said that they were caught using a towel that they probably shouldn't have been using (even if everyone in the league uses it).

So, please, tell me what was written that I shouldn't believe. I'm dying to know.