Fantasy Island - Week 7

And so we come to the real purpose of Fantasy Football - to get us through our team's bye week. While we all take pills and the Chargers take an undeserved break, our fantasy teams are reaching the half way stage of their gruelling seasons, littered with injuries and bye enforced dilemmas.

My own personal crisis involves signing Christian Ponder off waivers to throw for the benched Matthew Stafford. If you own the Staff Infection, play with confidence, as my benching of him will no doubt lead to the game of his life in Chicago. I can't believe I signed Ponder. Ponder, Ponder - it even looks weird in writing.

Another of my teams has already been Frank Gored and looks in trouble. I am brilliantly countering this by starting two RB's I have never heard of.

Are you doing similarly weird things to get you through the night? Is your Charger Chill pill a cleverly disguised tab of acid? Man, look at those dragons.

Let us know in the comments and pose any questions about the universe you may have, The answer is 42.

PS - I was right - I did basically kill Rashard Mendenhall.

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