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San Diego Chargers: Changes Made to the Depth Chart

A few players have moved up (and down) the San Diego Chargers depth chart, and one switch positions.

Donald Miralle - Getty Images

Each week, the San Diego Chargers release an "official" depth chart in their game release. I check it every week even though it never changes because I'm an idiot. Except, maybe I'm not!

  • Last week, the starting Nose Tackle switched from Antonio Garay to Aubrayo Franklin. Garay moved to the backup NT spot, and Cam Thomas moved over to one of the backup DE spots. Has Cam been playing more DE than NT the last two games? A weird move considering Garay has been a healthy scratch for two weeks.
  • This week, Brandon Taylor was bumped down from backup Strong Safety to third-string, and Corey Lynch was bumped up from third to backup.
  • This week, Jackie Battle was officially named the team's starting Running Back (up from third-string) and Ryan Mathews got bumped down to backup duty. Ronnie Brown got bumped from backup to third-string.
  • This week, Jared Gaither has taken back his spot as the starting Left Tackle (which he lost before the Week 1 game) and Mike Harris is listed as the backup LT and RT (bye bye, Reggie Wells).
Could all of these moves mean something? Sure, especially the moves at Running Back (where Battle has seemingly taken over Mike Tolbert's old job), but they could also mean absolutely nothing.

One thing is for sure, having Gaither (who was already on the active roster) come back when the team needed to cut Reggie Wells (to make room for Nick Novak) was awfully convenient.