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That Did Not Look Athletic: Bye Week Suggestions

The Chargers have a bye this week so we need a game to watch, preferably for the purposes of pointing and laughing. We're soliciting your thoughts.


As the city of San Diego slowly recovers from its long national Monday-nightmare, the bye week intervenes, and threatens to unravel it all for us.

We thought that an installment of "That Did Not Look Athletic" yesterday could diminish our anguish but it served only to whet our appetite for more Chargers football. How will we continue our recovery without a TDNLA article to provide us with the requisite laughter that is so crucial during times of despair? Easily. Let's choose another game this weekend and do our darnedest to laugh at the misfortune of others.

I can think of nothing better than sitting through the Raiders and Jaguars game and compiling 20 GIFs of Raider-schadenfreude. But I'm biased. Often blind. Hell I routinely open the refrigerator looking for an iron. I'm trying to say I need your help.

See the poll below and vote on the game I should sit through this weekend. I trust you. Really.

Speaking of polls: Last week you voted on the top TDNLA GIFs from the first quarter of the season. The following four GIFs, chosen by you, have advanced to the playoffs in January:

Taiwan Jones's hands hate footballs (15%)

Brandon Flowers and Jovan Belcher each receive a stiff-arm from Ryan Mathews (15%)

Dunta Robinson. Yeah. He hit the wrong guy (9%)

Matt Cassel is a snow boarder (9%)

I'm noticing a theme here: Chargers fans don't like to vote against Chargers players. Let's keep in mind that we are acknowledging great athletes who have had momentary lapses in athleticism. There's certainly no shame in having a moment, which I try to prove weekly with an amusing/degrading anecdote of my own. Having said that, we have some great picks for the playoffs (I just wish this one would have made it in).

Enjoy a stress free weekend.


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