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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: October 17, 2012

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Week 6 Quick Reads - Vince Verhei
Philip Rivers: DYAR by quarter: 50, 29, -40, -120.

Want to find the root of the Chargers’ recent troubles? Start at the top - Doug Farrar
Chargers fans, however, have a right to expect better football than they're getting, and Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young put a very sharp point on where the Chargers are at right now after the game. "You try to throw the post. You throw a lazy flat for [a pick-six]. You get stripped twice for fumbles; one of them for six points. It's lazy football. It's not crisp, 'over-my-dead-body' football. And I think that's what you have to have in the NFL today to really go the distance."

Week 7 fantasy waiver wire recommendations - Joe Fortenbaugh
The San Diego passing game looked terrible Monday night against the Broncos, which is why now’s the time to consider making a move for Brown. The second-year wideout from San Diego State has yet to play in a game this season (ankle), but is expected to return to the lineup sometime close to Week 9. Just keep in mind that we don’t advise a move for Brown unless you have some dead weight currently on your roster.

Mathews plays well but wishes for more - Scott Bair & Michael Gehlken (UT$)
"There were three or four runs that I could’ve broken for big gain or a touchdown," Mathews said. "It’s my fault that those runs didn’t turn out right. That’s on me. A couple of times I got tripped up by a hand, or got knocked off balance just enough to lose my footing. Those runs always eat at you, especially in a game like this where one run can change things."

Manning good, but Chargers defense helped - Scott Bair (UT$)
The Chargers’ defense dictated tempo in a masterful first-half performance. In the second half, this tortoise went back into its shell. The Chargers played it safe in an attempt to prevent big plays that would facilitate a seemingly insurmountable comeback.

NFL: Week 6 knee-jerk reactions - staff
The Chargers are not dead. They are in a tough spot, and they very well will rue Weeks 5 and 6, but this season can be salvaged. The Chargers have to get over these nightmares quickly.

At the bye: San Diego Chargers - Bill Williamson
I think the Chargers will stay in the playoff hunt. The AFC is wide open and the Chargers have the ability hang with Denver in the division race and in the wild-card hunt. They just have to come out against Cleveland in Week 8 and erase the immediate past and move forward.

ReFo: Broncos @ Chargers, Week 6 - Ben Stockwell
Phillips provided the only pressure that the quintet recorded on 47 combined pass rushes and whilst Johnson was active in run defense (+2.3), as you would expect, this game had an air of the confusion and lack of imagination in managing this group of defenders that many observers feared coming into the season. There is talent aplenty in this OLB corps but the Chargers must do more moving forwards to get the most out of them, and not simply stick with a losing hand as they did throughout this game.