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San Diego Chargers Weekly Poll Question: Are The Chiefs And Raiders Done?

Through six weeks the AFC West looks like a two team race. Is it?

Jed Jacobsohn - Getty Images

Through six weeks the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs have combined for nine losses over 11 games played. Both teams have picked up a loss against the current division leader, San Diego Chargers, and the Raiders have also lost to the second place Denver Broncos.

Tonight the Chargers (3-2) will play host to the Broncos (2-3) and the winner will be the division leader. If the Chargers win they'll hold a two game lead over Denver, a 2.5 game lead over the Raiders and a three game lead over the Chiefs. If the Broncos win they'll be tied with San Diego while holding a 1.5 game lead over the Raiders and a two game lead over the Chiefs.

Those aren't insurmountable leads with 11 weeks left in the season, but neither the Raiders nor the Chiefs have looked particularly capable of winning enough games to make up ground. Honestly, the way Kansas City looked yesterday they barely look capable of winning another game.

Oakland, despite being generally terrible, has actually kept most of their games close and they'll be at most 2.5 games out first place after tonight (and 0-1 head-to-head with both teams ahead of them in the standings).

The question, then, is are the Chiefs and Raiders already done after just six weeks?