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BFTB Apparel Store: New Products, 10%-Off Sale, and we want your ideas!

Bolts from the Blue has a new logo, a new design and as such we have new products in the apparel store.

So it's been about 2.5 weeks since the new Bolts from the Blue launched. Overall, the response has been great from readers and writers alike. We here love the new site and especially the new logo.

With the change comes the need for new products in the BFTB Apparel Store. We did just that!

We've added new T-Shirts and perfect for fall and winter: hoodies! We've also added a few new accessories. Want to protect your iPhone 4 or 4S and show off your love of BFTB? Why not wrap it in a BFTB iPhone case? Want to show off your BFTB love while you enjoy your morning cup of joe? Pick up a BFTB coffee mug.

Everything that was in the store previously is still there. You can still pick up some of the items bearing the old logo, we've just moved that to the "Legacy" area of the store. All the same old sayings are still there, including the "Faith and Arrogance" shirts and the "RUN MOAR" performance apparel.

Right now, Spreadshirt is offering 10% off all purchases of $40 of more until the end of October. So get your orders in and be sure to use code OCT12.

We are always open to new T-Shirt or apparel ideas! So please, if you have any suggestions for products we can put in the shop, don't hesitate to let us know. In fact, use this post as an outlet for you to give us your ideas. We take every idea seriously and will add the best ones to the shop. If we end up using your idea and selling it in the shop, you'll even earn a share of the sales.

Just remember: we can't use anything that we don't have permission to use. For instance, that's why we haven't made a "FIRE SAPNOS" t-shirt with the Gorn image on it, we don't have the rights.

So go ahead and take a look around the store and send us your ideas in the comments!