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This Week in GIFs: San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints

A collection of (mostly) positive GIFs for Charger fans to take away from the loss to the Saints.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

During each San Diego Chargers game, we collect GIFs, videos and tidbits from the game and post them into our StoryStream. For those that may have missed the GIFs when they were posted there, they're about to get posted here with some added commentary.


Those first-half Chargers sure were feisty. Robert Meachem wins the battle with Malcolm Jenkins to catch the touchdown, and then Eddie Royal comes in for back-up when Jenkins looked a little too upset about it.


"Whoops." - The Chargers secondary.

This pass was for some record or something. Fine. The Chargers obviously let Drew Brees have that one, which is awfully nice of them.


My favorite part of this GIF is Weddle. It's like he realized a half-second too late where the ball was headed and knew he wasn't going to get there anyway, but had to try. I like to imagine him yelling "Nonononononononononono DAMMIT!!!!!" while this GIF replays.


"Whoops." - The Saints secondary.

Boy, Malcolm Jenkins really likes taking cheap shots, doesn't he?


Corey Liuget doesn't understand. He just wanted to pet the pretty quarterback and play with his hair. Now, the pretty quarterback is dead with a broken neck. Corey Liuget didn't mean no harm, George.


Ladies and gentlemen, my favorite GIF of the year so far. It has everything I like about football, including:

  • The Chargers scoring touchdowns
  • The Chargers embarrassing the opposing team with superior athleticism
  • Tyronne Green demonstrating exactly what an offensive holding penalty is, in clear sight of the referee


Roman Harper didn't just get juked, he literally jumped (with both feet) in the wrong direction. If he weren't already 65 years old and hated by NFL fans everywhere, I'm sure this GIF would be very painful for him to watch.

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