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Did the San Diego Chargers Just Sign Chris Carr?

After bringing veteran CB Chris Carr in for a workout last weekend, the Chargers have seemingly signed him to bolster their secondary before facing the Saints.

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images

That tweet from the 29 year old Chris Carr, who spent the last two seasons playing Cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens and was in San Diego to work out for the Chargers last week. It certainly looks like he's heading for San Diego's active roster.

Heading into New Orleans, where the Saints like to spread out with 4 and 5 WR sets, the Chargers' lack of depth in the secondary was a little scary. Now, if we assume that Carr has been signed and that Shareece Wright might be healthy enough to play (and there's always Greg Gatson), things are looking a little better.

According to's ratings, Carr was one of the best CBs in the entire league in 2010 (after toiling around as a return specialist for years) but regressed back to "average" in 2011 after signing a big contract. In 2012, he was signed by the Minnesota Vikings but failed to make the final roster cut. Doesn't seem like a bad guy to have around as a 4th or 5th CB against New Orleans.

Chris Carr

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