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Serious Business: 1/6 San Diego Chargers Links

Running team by popular vote not as easy as it looks - Tim Sullivan
The idea is 60 years old, still undefeated and indisputably appealing: Leave the strategy up to the spectators, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Chargers fire, hire defensive coordinator - Kevin Acee
"First and foremost, it’s an exciting day for me," Pagano said. "But it’s a very sad and humbling day for me. (Manusky) is a dear friend of mine. I’ve got a brother in Baltimore, and my other brother, Greg, is right here. It’s a bittersweet day for me. It’s a (bad) part of this business."

Pagano named defensive coordinator -
"John has worked extremely hard and been very patient to get this opportunity," Head Coach Norv Turner said. "I’m excited about John’s experience with this defense, his familiarity with our team and where we can go with his direction."

Chargers' moves begin with firing Manusky - Bill Williamson
It had long been thought that if Turner did survive, Manusky wouldn’t. In San Diego, the hiring of Manusky was considered the biggest mistake the team made in 2011 along with allowing running back Darren Sproles to leave and go to New Orleans as a free agent.

Chargers quickly hire new DC - Bill Williamson
Apparently, the Chargers believe the answers to their problems will be corrected in-house. In a lightning-fast process, the Chargers promoted within for the position what will be their biggest leadership change of the offseason.

Breaking down the 99 yard drive that broke the Raiders' 2011 playoff hopes - Asher Mathews
The Raiders were in the playoff hunt heading into the last game of the 2011 season versus the San Diego Chargers. And before this game was over, they learned that if they won this game, they would win the AFC West and head to the playoffs. They pulled to within five points of the visiting Chargers with under ten minutes remaining in the game and their season hung in the balance. It became the fateful moment and ensuing Chargers drive that ended their hopes. And this is exactly how it went down through the analytical eyes of TFDS contributor Asher Mathews.