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Top 5 Defensive Plays at the Raiders

It's time to once again review the top 5 defensive plays of the week for the Chargers (for serious this time!). The defense was kind of nu-spectacularly solid this week. There were not a lot of game-changing highlight reel plays like there were against the Ravens, but simply a lot of waiting for the Raiders to goof up (which they did do just enough).

Top Defensive Play #5 was the attempted Denarius Moore reverse that was then cutback. I think Antonio Garay is going to spend the entire off season on change of direction agility after this one.

Top Defensive Play #4 is a Na'il Diggs pass defense. Hats off to Diggs for playing a ton of OLB after the Barnes ejection (LOLWUT) and Philips' injury.

Top Defensive Play #3 is a Corey Liuget pass bat. I didn't have a lot to work with this week, don't look at me if this clip is boring!

Top Defensive Play #2 is Eric Weddle being Eric Weddle in the end zone. There were calls for a similar Weddle end zone pass defense to be included in the Ravens Top5, so here he is doing the same thing at #2 this week.

Top Defensive Play #1 is an Antoine Cason triple feature. I still can't decide if Cason had a good game or a bad game though...