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Open Thread: NFL Pro Bowl

Today is the NFL Pro Bowl, which if you've never watched it is about the worst piece of football-related television that exists. Not only do you get to watch the two offenses run the same 5-10 plays over and over again, but if you have any players from your favorite team (there are 5 San Diego Chargers in the game this year) you'll end up saying "Please don't get hurt" more times than you're comfortable with over the course of the game.

Don't worry, though. The players also don't want to get hurt, this being a meaningless game and an injury taking away their chance to earn a paycheck, so the tackles are more like requests for the ballcarrier to stop running forward. And it's illegal to sack the QB, I think.

Anyway, watch and tell me if Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Ryan Mathews, Vincent Jackson or Eric Weddle end up getting hurt.

Editor's Note: The game doesn't start until 4pm, but the post accidentally published early. I'm just going to leave it up, though, because I don't really have anything else to write before the game.