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BFTB Apparel Store Update

A Bolts from the Blue shirt ... duh ...
A Bolts from the Blue shirt ... duh ...

How many of you have taken a look through the BFTB Apparel store recently? Go ahead, raise your hands. "One, two, three, four" ... wait, why am I counting? The store tells me how many of you have visited.

Anyway, since launching the store last week and putting out a call for ideas, we've loaded a few new items to the store in the last few days:

  • We now have apparel sporting Bolts From The Blue's masterfully-crafted logos, thanks to QuesaDiaz. When looking at the logo apparel, be sure to check the front and back of all items as there are items on both sides.
  • We have workout gear (running gear) emblazoned with "RUN MOAR" thanks to aesimpleton's suggestion. There are plans to expand the line and have a whole slew of running and workout gear with the RUN MOAR tagline. Our fearless leader plans to represent Bolts from the Blue with the RUN MOAR apparel in the Chargers 5K this summer - no doubt in an effort to burn all the calories he'll consume once he eats his hat - you should join him.
  • We have a "Faith and Arrogance shirt", as well as a customizable "AJ's Ego" shirt where you can type up your own tag-lines and have it made. There's other stuff, but you'll have to go look for yourself.
  • The shop is up to 11 distinct items for your perusal; with plenty more on the way. I'm still awaiting approval for some of the graphics I uploaded to the store. Expect more BFTB Logo apparel to show up once those graphics are approved.

In the previous thread, we were overwhelmed with your suggestions and ideas. You guys really are creative and I got a kick out of your suggestions. Just because you may not see your idea in the shop doesn't mean I didn't like it, I may not have had a chance to add it to the store yet, or figure out the best way to implement your idea.

That said, we're still open to suggestions or ideas. If you have an idea, throw it up in the comments below or post it to Twitter (making sure to address it to @BFTB_Chargers). If we like your idea, of course, you'll still get a commission. One thing I should point out though: something as simple as "you should put the logo on a polo shirt" won't warrant a commission. While we appreciate the suggestion, if a phrase/graphic/logo is already in the shop, then it's no longer subject to commission. We're looking for your original creative ideas.

So go ahead, take a look around at what we've added. I've also added a sidebar widget with a link to the store, now you'll always be able to get to it. It's kind of hard to miss since it's just a solid yellow "Faith and Arrogance" shirt. Keep sending us your ideas and you may end up with some cold hard cash.

Also, you can get free shipping on any order over $50, just use coupon code SHIPFREEUS at checkout.