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San Diego Chargers: Vincent Jackson and Ryan Mathews Added to AFC Pro Bowl Roster

As the first alternate behind Wes Welker on the AFC Pro Bowl Roster, San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Jackson was definitely rooting for the New England Patriots to defeat the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. When that happened, Jackson was bumped up a spot (with Welker being a little busy) and started planning for his free trip to Hawaii.

Ryan Mathews was the second alternate behind Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice and Houston Texans RB Arian Foster, both and whom are missing the game due to injury (or they need to rest their bodies up after a long season plus playoffs). Like Jackson and the rest of the players traveling to Hawaii, making the Pro Bowl will get Mathews some bonus money.

It will be Jackson's second Pro Bowl and Mathews' first. They will join teammates Antonio Gates, Philip Rivers and Eric Weddle to take on the NFC Pro Bowl team on Sunday.