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The BFTB Apparel Store is Open! We need your help.

Team Kaeding Shirt. Just one of the items in the <a href="" target="new">Bolts From The Blue Apparel store</a>
Team Kaeding Shirt. Just one of the items in the Bolts From The Blue Apparel store

So, some of you may know this has been in the works for about a year and a half now. I was put in charge of getting BFTB apparel - namely: shirts - designed and up for sale. Well, I have this incredibly bad habit of over-extending myself and volunteering myself for too many things at once. Usually in that case, something suffers and gets back-burnered. In this instance, it was the apparel store.

Well, you'll be happy to know I finally got off my butt and opened the Bolts From The Blue Apparel Store!

Right now, I'm working on getting the designs made and put into the store. As it is now, we have two (competing) shirts and I'm working on getting a hat into the store. Some of you may have already seen the hat idea, you can expect to see that in the store soon once Spreadshirt gets back to me answering my questions.

John and I have brainstormed and come up with a few designs we think are clever and you'd like. I'm still working on getting them down on (digital) paper, but they will be made and the products populated into the store just as soon as I get the designs made.

Did you read the title to this post? Wondering where your help is needed? Well, make the jump to find out how you can help us, and even make a little money for yourself in the process.

Yes, it's true, we need your help. So far, it's just been John and I coming up with shirt (or other apparel) ideas. We know we have tons of clever and creative people on this site. What we're asking from you is to give us your ideas for what to put on shirts, hats, mugs, baby bibs, dog bandannas; you name it! We have a ton of products at our disposal, we just need your ideas on what to put on them!

We can put graphics, photos, text; anything really. And I'm pretty proficient with Photoshop and Illustrator, that there shouldn't be any idea too complicated that we couldn't make work.

Some caveats though: we're not allowed to use the Chargers name, graphics, logos, player photos or names. But aside from that, pretty much anything is fair game.

Oh, right, I did mention you could make a little money in the process. I didn't forget, don't worry. See, if we end up liking your design idea and end up using it on a product, you'll receive $1 for each item that sells with your design on it. How's that for incentive?

So stretch out your creativity muscles and post your apparel ideas in the comments below! And not to mention, buy a shirt or two!