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San Diego Chargers RB Ryan Mathews Visits Blizzard

Quick! Get a Hunter's Mark on That Rogue!
Quick! Get a Hunter's Mark on That Rogue!

One of my main tickets to the BFTB staff was this piece on Ryan Mathews and the particulars of his Warcraft habit. Unfortunately, his main character is either deleted or renamed, because it doesn't show up on the armory (I hope BFTB didn't actually stalk him!). One might assume that the rigors of being an NFL running back and the ridiculousness of a pokemon style change to WoW might have given Mathews the WoWquit bug, but on Wednesday of this week he paid a visit to the Blizzard offices in Irvine.

@rmathews24: Omw to la #

@rmathews24: Also gonna stop by blizzard and say hello to all the folks there #wowitup#

He also got a couple shout outs from Blizzard employees before and after the fact...

@CJCClarke: YEAH BOY! Tweet at me when you're here, I'd love to meet you #

@sdlistenin: Thanks for coming by campus. Hope you enjoyed the tour. For the Horde! #

So we know that he's still playing WoW to some degree, but we've lost track of his character, and maybe he's rerolled a new class. If anyone can track him down (no stalking!), John Gennaro will totally eat his hat. I have tried a couple of times to get him to sample SW:TOR with no response.... QQ!

@orz_bftb: you gotta try the new star wars mmo... It's the new hotness! WoW was awesome but sw:tor is a whole new level! #