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5 Bad Stats: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Darrius Heyward-Bey - 9 catches, 130 yds, 1 TD
The San Diego Chargers secondary was less-than-stellar against an Oakland Raiders passing attack that just is not very good. Heyward-Bey put up this fantastic-looking numbers despite dropping a handful of other passes that hit him right in the hands when he was wide open.

Denarius Moore - 3 catches, 101 yds
Like any team built by Al Davis, the Raiders have gifted athletes at WR. Those athletes seem to turn into professional football players any time they meet up with the San Diego secondary, though, and that's a problem. Moore is a pretty good WR though, maybe the best of the group, and is now 2-for-2 as far as having good games against the Chargers goes.

Louis Murphy - 5 catches, 72 rec yards, 1 run, 27 rush yards
Seeing a pattern? The Chargers didn't do a great job at stopping the Raiders offense from piling up tons of yards. What they did wasn't too different from the famous Ron Rivera gameplan against the Eagles in 2009. The defense made sure to not give up any big plays and played tough when they were backed up into the red zone, forcing the Raiders to settle for FGs while Philip Rivers and the gang on the other side of the ball got TD after TD.

Matt Giordano - 4 tackles, 1 int
Is anyone else really starting to hate Matt Giordano? He's like a gnat that plays dirty and always seems to be playing 30 yards past the play when Rivers lets one fly and it sails 30 yards past the play. That's two games in a row where he's picked Rivers off, and about 25 games in a row where he's thrown a forearm into a WR's throat. I hope in the offseason that Matt Giordano trips over his very expensive pure-bred dog and skins his knee on the sidewalk.

Rolando McClain - 10 tackles
Can someone explain to me how this guy put a gun to somebody's head at his grandmother's funeral and is still playing football? He didn't even have to go to court like Ray Lewis! Why, cause he didn't pull the trigger? He essentially attempted to murder someone and the response by law enforcement and the NFL has been "HEY! Stop that!"

I hate how well he played yesterday, seemingly shutting down the Chargers' running game by himself, and hate it even more because he should be rotting in a cell somewhere.