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2012 NFL Draft - Scouting for Future Chargers: Bowl Games Part 10

Team Needs
Starter Starter Competition Depth Projects
Current starter is FA next year and has no surefire understudy Current starter is FA next year and has understudy or current starter is inexperienced One or more backups are FAs next year May need a new starter or backup after 2012 season

In case you missed it, I justified the most recent updates to the team needs list a few weeks ago when I scouted the last week of the college football regular season. There's a lot of unknowns until we know the extent of some injuries and any changes in management are made, so I'm not going to say much more about that. Instead let's go to the games.

(12-1) vs Penn St.
(9-3) Monday 1/2 9:00 AM PT (ESPNU)
Ticketcity Bowl (Dallas, TX): One of the season's brighter stories versus one of the darkest. Houston had their undefeated run stopped on the final game of the season (against Southern Miss). They rode the coattails of their star QB Case Keenum who was returning from a 2010 season ending injury. Penn State on the other hand is awash in scandal and are only beginning to come out the other end. I'm sure some of their players won't mind this being their last game there. However, a few have some NFL prospects and those scouting the game would like to see them play hard today. DT Devon Still is a first round prospect and would assure himself of a hefty first paycheck with a good game.

Ohio St.
(6-6) vs Florida
(6-6) Monday 1/2 10:00 AM PT (ESPN2) Gator Bowl Bowl (Jacksonville, FL): It wasn't long ago that this sort of matchup would be BCS bowl worthy, but the departure of each teams' star QBs and great head coaches over the last two years has left them with mountains too great to climb. It's also left them, somewhat surprisingly without any 2012 draft 1st round talent. WR Devier Posey is the best prospect in this game and that's certainly a position the Chargers will be looking for new blood at in the middle rounds.

Michigan St.
(10-3) vs Georgia
(10-3) Monday 1/2 10:00 AM PT (ABC)
Outback Bowl (Tampa, FL): Georgia is one of the teams that offers a number of top prospects at a few positions the Chargers might look to fill early in the draft. OLB Jarvis Jones might be the most interesti pass rush is a huge need, he plays 3-4 OLB and current Charger Darryl Gamble played the same position at Georgia and the Chargers seem to like him. OG Cordy Glenn and OC Ben Jones offer potential Day 2 offensive line help. Michigan State has two WRs in B.J. Cunningham and Keshawn Martin that could be interesting Day 3 picks.

(9-3) vs South Carolina (10-2) Monday 1/2 10:00 AM PT (ESPN)
Capital One Bowl (Orlando, FL): Nebraska showed up a few times in these scouting reports despite not having a real interesting Chargers prospect beyond OLB Lavonte David, but South Carolina unfortunately didn't make the cut at all this year. Unfortunate because they have one of the top pass rushers in this draft in DE Melvin Ingram and one of the top WRs in Alshon Jeffery. Both positions the Chargers will be looking to fill in this draft.

(11-2) vs Oregon (11-2) Monday 1/2 2:00 PM PT (ESPN)

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Vizio (Pasadena, CA): Probably the best place to focus our scouting eyes in this Southern California tilt is at the RB position. Wisconsin RB Montee Ball certainly started getting our attention in last year's Rose Bowl and the dynamic RB LaMichael James has had a sensational college career. Both still have another year of eligibility. Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson is also an interesting one to watch. He's had a great season and could be a decent backup and developmental QB. WR Nick Toon and OG Kevin Zeitler both play for the Badgers and out the list of prospects to watch.

(11-1) vs Oklahoma St. (11-1) Monday 1/2 5:30 PM PT (ESPN)
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ): QBs Andrew Luck and Brandon Weedon will grab the headlines, but the 3 of the top players to watch in this game do their work in the unglorified trenches. OT Jonathan Martin and OG David Decastro are 2 first round prospects that play on Stanford's line and TE Coby Fleener does work there as well, but is ticketed for the 2nd round. Oklahoma State has stud WR Justin Blackmon helping their star QB. Also be on the lookout for 3rd round safety prospect Markelle Martin since both Paul Oliver and Steve Gregory are free agents.

I'll go over the individual players after the jump.

BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Jonathan Martin Stanford OT Jr. 6'6 304 lbs
Despite Andrew Luck's presence, his strength is run blocking not pass blocking. He gets the highest grades for his run blocking skills. Smart player with a lot of football intelligence. If he's not blocking anyone it's because there's no one left to block. He's got the physical abilities to do be a good pass blocker, but needs to hone his skills. (1st round)
Justin Blackmon Oklahoma State WR Jr. 6'1 211 lbs
To be the perfect WR prospect he'd have to be a little taller, but his leaping ability does a lot to make up for that. He's a smart player and works hard, but his 2010 DUI would tell you his judgment isn't perfect. He's not going to wow anyone at the combine in the non-football drills, but he can run routes, fool defenders, beat defenders one-on-one and his hands and body control are near perfect. I haven't heard this comp before, but maybe a Reggie Wayne one fits. (1st round)
Melvin Ingram South Carolina DE Sr. 6'2 272 lbs

Hopefully for whoever drafts him Ingram's bones aren't especially brittle. He broke his foot and missed a whole season in 2008, then last year broke his hand and played through it. He's short and stocky for a typical pass rusher, especially when projecting him to the 3-4. Has experience playing LB though where he shows range against the run. Some also think he could play interior line on passing downs. High motor. Elite closing burst. Strong coming off the line. (1st round)

David Decastro Stanford OG Sr. 6'4
313 lbs
Prototypical build for the position as he not only is tall and big, but carries it well. Lunchpail guy. Elite instincts and awareness, so he should step in and start right away. Great finisher. Good at blocking for both the run and the pass. (1st round)
Devon Still Penn State DT Sr. 6'5 307 lbs
Tall, bulky, athletic and not a good pass rusher. A nice fit for a 3-4 DE. He's good at stopping the run and has a strong motor. That motor carries over to his work ethic as he's had to battle back from two major injuries. Both those are behind him now (occurred in 2007 and 2008) and he's ready to prove something in his final season. Had a run in with a teammate where a knife got pulled on him and had run in with the law when he investigated and later dismissed of marijuana charges when items were found in his apartment he shared. Two of his cousins played in the NFL. (1st round)
Alshon Jeffery South Carolina WR Sr. 6'4 232 lbs
Big bodied WR who was elite hands. Very smooth and natural catching the ball. He's also good at getting in position to catch the ball as he tracks it well and has good balance and body control. He runs the entire route tree very well. Doesn't miss games. Shows up big in big games. (1st or 2nd round)
Jarvis Jones Georgia OLB Jr. 6'2 242 lbs
Has said that he's returning to school, but with him currently in the first round mix it's best to wait until the deadline to assume anything. It's interesting that you have current Charger Darryl Gamble and Kansas City 2nd round pick Justin Houston manning the two OLB positions one year and then Jones starts the next and is projected to be a better NFL prospect. (1st or 2nd round)
Levy Adcock Oklahoma State OT Sr. 6'4 322 lbs
Big, tough, hard nosed, run blocking specialist OT who has that means streak that scouts look for. No character issues, very durable. Will have trouble with speed rushers in the NFL. (2nd round)
Coby Fleener Stanford TE Sr. 6'6 252 lbs
A big target even for a TE. He's one of, if not the top, weapon for Andrew Luck. He hasn't missed a single game in his college career and durability would be a great quality in an Antonio Gates backup. He's an excellent pass catcher, runs his routes well, can get separation and can run after the catch better than any other of the current college TEs. He's not a 1st round pick because his blocking just isn't there. He shows potential in pass protection, but the run blocking needs work. Some of that can be taught, but some of it is good instincts about how to get leverage. (2nd round)
Nick Toon Wisconsin WR Sr. 6'1 213 lbs
Toon, like Crick, is returning to the scouting reports for a 2nd (if not 3rd) year. He's got NFL genes as some of you might remember Al Toon from the 80s and early 90s. He's good hands and good enough speed and size. He's not a burner, but he runs hard which helps his after the catch running. He'll need to perfect his route running at the next level. (2nd round)
Kevin Zeitler Wisconsin OG Sr. 6'3 322 lbs
Really hard worker who would have something to prove if he came to the Chargers since I'm not sure he's their type. He plays in that power running Wisconsin offense and would need to learn to pass prospect for a more pro style offense in San Diego. His main asset in the passing game is that he won't be beat often by power rushers. In the run. He's better in the run when he's not used as a pulling guard. (2nd round)>
Lavonte David Nebraska OLB Sr. 6'0 223 lbs
David hustles and has got quickness and speed to chase down RBs from behind. He's also a good tackler with proper fundamentals and can knock balls loose. He's shown an ability to survive in coverage and wouldn't have to come off the field on 3rd down. (2nd round)
Cordy Glenn Georgia OG Sr. 6'5 335 lbs
His best skill is run blocking and that skill gets the highest grade possible, but also gets high grades for pass blocking as well. Extremely durable, hasn't missed a game yet. He's got that mean streak you look for and is real tough and physical. More than held his own against Nick Fairley last year when he went against him one-on-one. No character issues and has shown maturity since becoming the starter as a freshman. (2nd round)
Orson Charles Georgia TE Jr. 6'3 245 lbs
Has enough speed that he can punish linebackers deep. Looks fluid catching the ball, but can sometimes start his run after the catch too soon. Quick getting off the line. Can line up in the slot. Will start as more of a role player since his blocking needs a lot of work. (2nd round)
Mike Adams Ohio State OT Sr. 6'5 312 lbs
(2nd round)
Brandon Boykin Georgia CB Sr. 5'9 181 lbs
Durable cornerback who is slightly undersized and lacks the ideal top end speed to compensate for it. He his athletic, has fluid hips and is by no means too slow to at least survive at the position. He can also be physical and has the SEC mentality where he'll help out in run support. (2nd round)
Jerel Worthy Michigan State DT Sr. 6'3 305 lbs
A college DT that might grade out better as a 3-4 DE. He's shown that he can take on double teams, but is not much of a pass rusher. He does have good quickness though and when not doubled can make his presence felt in the backfield. He just doesn't have the closing burst to cause QBs too much concern, but RBs have a hard time getting past him. Strong enough to knock blockers to the ground on occasion. (2nd round)
Ben Jones Georgia OC Sr. 6'2 311 lbs
Another durable Bulldog lineman. He's a team leader, which is always a good quality in a center, He's not the greatest run or pass blocker, but gets good grades for both. Can struggle against counters, but is smart and knows how to get good leverage and positioning. Doesn't work as well in space as he does in close quarters. A smart player with a lot of aggressiveness and toughness to give. (3rd round)
Stephon Gilmore South Carolina CB Jr. 5'11 193 lbs
Durable. Good student. Vocal leader. Strong in run support even if he's overmatched. Great understanding of the defense and its schemes. Plays with perhaps a little too much passion. His cover skills are okay, but there's potential for improvement with some technique work. (3rd round)
LaMichael James Oregon RB Jr. 5'9 185 lbs
Explosive, highly productive back who could turn his eyes to the NFL, especially after a win in this game. He's got the speed and hands you like in a RB, but he's quite raw. He'll have to learn about pass blocking and a whole new offensive system. He's also an undersized back, which some teams shy away from. (3rd round)
Markelle Martin Oklahoma State S Sr. 6'0 202 lbs
A safety with good size, very good speed and a pension for getting injured. He'll try to finally stay healthy this year as he shows of his awareness and diagnostic abilities from the safety position. He's not a big hitter, but he's an aggressive player and his capable of knocking balls loose. He's shown that he's rangy and can cover as well or better than any college safety can. (3rd round)
Montee Ball Wisconsin RB Jr. 5'11 214 lbs
Not your typical Wisconsin Badger RB. I think of Badger backs as bruisers in the Ron Dayne mold, but Ball has wheels and he's shifty. He's also the nation's leading rusher and touchdowns. He's 2 TDs away from breaking Barry Sanders' single season FBS TD record. (3rd round)
B.J Cunningham Michigan State WR Sr. 6'2 227 lbs
Good WR size, but not great speed. He runs good routes, but he also doesn't show the burst needed to get consistent separation and he sometimes lets the ball get to his frame instead of catching with his hands. He's shifty and could be useful when trying to get some YAC. He got suspended for getting involved in a brawl with a fraternity in 2009 where he also accepted a guilty plea for misdemeanor assault and battery. (3rd round)
Trent Robinson Michigan State S Sr. 5'10 197 lbs
A good, but not great prospect. He's not going to be able to be a FS in the NFL and will probably have to line up closer to box and do some run stopping to be valuable. Unfortunately for him, there are tons of those types of safeties that come out every year these days. He's also not that good at catching or securing the ball after the catch. (4th round)
Jack Crawford Penn State DE Sr. 6'5 267 lbs
Crawford got mentioned a couple of times in last year's scouting reports. He was born in England and picked up football his junior year of high school. Could possibly project to 3-4 OLB, but early returns were not great and scouts doubt he has the athleticism for that role. If he can improve his coverage abilities to go along with his decent pass rush abilities then he could be a decent depth acquisition as an OLB. (4th round)
Devin Taylor South Carolina DE Jr. 6'6 245 lbs
Not a great pass rusher, but is solid against the run. A 3-4 team would need him to bulk up since he'd only project as a DE in that scheme. However, he has the frame to support that. High effort guy, hard worker. Probably should come back for senior year. (4th round)
Devier Posey Ohio State WR Sr. 6'0 197 lbs
Posey's game is dependent on speed. He uses his top end speed and his ability to change geers quickly to elude defenders and get open. He can also use it to explode after the catch and pick up some YAC. However, he's not a polished route runner and he shies from contact. He's got that NFL WR attitude already and he's one of the players suspended to start of next season, but stuck with his college team even though his teammate Terrelle Pryor bailed under the same circumstaces. (4th round)
Jeff Demps Florida RB Sr. 5'8 184 lbs
(4th round)
Chris Rainey Florida RB Sr. 5'8 176 lbs
(Mid rounds)
Antonio Allen South Carolina S Sr. 6'2 202 lbs
The world "lean" is used a lot to describe Allen. However, at his current weight he's light on his feet and has a nice backpedal. Didn't show much in the way of playmaking in the secondary partially because his closing speed is not that good. Lots of experience playing at the line of scrimmage and is skilled at fighting off blockers and making tackles. (Mid rounds)
David Paulson Oregon TE Sr. 6'3 243 lbs
In typical Oregon style, he's not the biggest or fastest but he gets the job done and has a penchant for making big plays. His hands are good, but is blocking is not so good. He's a bit of project since he's lined up out wide often and didn't get the reps playing on the line and blocking defenders. (Mid rounds)
Keshawn Martin Michigan State WR Sr. 5'10 192 lbs
He's a little short for a WR, but at the low end of the acceptable height range. He has excellent speed and his stock will probably rise and fall based on his 40 time. He doesn't have natural hands and can be a bit of a body catcher. Perhaps that can be fixed since his ability to beat defenders with speed is quite useful. He's not terribly elusiveness so don't look for much YAC unless he can run in a straight line. (Mid rounds)
Eddie Pleasant Oregon S Sr. 5'10 208 lbs
He's going to be a project, but he plays hard and will fit in on special teams right away.He's not necessarily a troublemaker, but there are concerns about his character. The word "hard-headed" comes up and he also is vocal and emotional. More of an in-the-box safety than a coverage guy. (Mid rounds)
Michael Brewster Ohio State OC Sr. 6'2 302 lbs
(Mid rounds)
Dan Herron Ohio State RB Sr. 5'9 217 lbs
(Mid rounds)
Nathan Williams Ohio State OLB Sr. 6'2 247 lbs
(Mid rounds)
Eric Latimore Penn State DE Sr. 6'6 275 lbs
(Mid rounds)
Nathan Stupar Penn State OLB Sr. 6'1 240 lbs
Could be a candidate to move to the ILB position with the Chargers like Jonas Mouton did. His best skills come when he's stopping the run, but he's not a liability in coverage either. Good at reading plays and recognizing what the QB and the offense are doing. He's got an excellent aptitude for special teams and would be an immediate contributor in that area. Blocked 2 punts last season. (Mid rounds)
Chris Owusu Stanford WR Sr. 5'11 195 lbs
Possibly a Vincent Brown type. He plays for a top QB and he's about the same size. His production has lacked when looked at as a whole, but he's had some very good games. Some of that is due to injury as he's missed a fair amount of time over the years and some of it is that Luck has plenty of other options and he gets the best out of all them. As the senior leader of this year's wideout corps he should be a main target for luck and get a chance to show that he's a better route runner and pass catcher than scouts have given him credit for. (Mid to late rounds)
Derek Moye Penn State WR Sr. 6'6 202 lbs
Moye is physical, tall, has above average speed and isn't afraid of contact. Needs some work on technique so he can get good releases and be in position when the QB is ready to throw. Inconsistent as a blocker, but there is potential in that area. Could be a good fit for the Chargers system even if only as project (Mid to late rounds)
Jamie Blatnick Oklahoma State DE Sr. 6'3 264 lbs
Not a sexy high pick pass rusher, but could be an interesting depth move laft. In 2010 he plead guilty to an assault and battery charge after hitting a former Oklahoma State player with a beer bottle. He'll have to face the #2 OT prospect in Jonathan Martin, so if he breaks through in this one he'll have told scouts a lot. (Mid to late rounds)
Brian Linthicum Michigan St. TE Sr. 6'4 240 lbs
A good pass catcher in the Spartans offense, but not really an all around TE. He's also a little on the small end for a TE. He is a competitor and will make catches over the middle. He may have a bit of a hard time getting separation or YAC in the NFL because his burst is not that good even though his top end speed is adequate. He's got a solid character flag on his sheet after a bar fight that turned into a third-degree misdemeanor harassment plea. Allegedly, officers had to use a stun gun to subdue him. (Mid to late rounds)
Stephfon Green Penn State RB Sr. 5'10 198 lbs
(Mid to late rounds)
D'anton Lynn Penn State S Sr. 6'0 212 lbs
(Mid to late rounds)
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Andrew Luck Stanford QB Sr. 6'4 235 lbs
The talk of this year's draft class. He's got all the physical abilities, the size, the mental makeup, the skills and the football IQ you want. He's a team leader, he's a high character guy, he can make all the throws and he's been successful in college. There's nothing not to like about the guy that Mel Kiper, Jr calls the best QB prospect since John Elway. (#1 overall pick)
Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska CB Sr. 5'9 204 lbs
Smallish CB prospect that's still a good NFL prospect. The Chargers tend to value size at the position too highly to take more than just a look. His strength comes in the form of his cover skills despite his lack of height. (1st or 2nd round)
Brandon Weeden Oklahoma State QB Sr. 6'3 217 lbs
Kind of a lean QB. Tough though and played through a ruptured tendon in the thumb of his throwing hand last year. He's spread QB that also has a gunslinger label. He's pretty raw, but athletic. Throws a little sidearmed, kind of like a SS in baseball, which makes sense because he's played a lot of baseball. (3rd round)
Kirk Cousins Michigan State QB Sr. 6'2 202 lbs
Quick release, good arm strength, good pre-snap work (audibles, calling for blocks) and good speed/scrambling ability. Doesn't make the best decisions after the snap and can rely on his arm. Has some durability concerns. Tremendous team leader. Has shown ability to step his game up in the 4th quarter. (3rd round)
Case Keenum Houston QB Sr. 6'0 205 lbs
Prolific college passer who doesn't project well to the NFL. He's been injury prone, he's on the shorter side and his on field decision making is not very good when he's not running plays from the gimmicky shotgun spread offense. His arm strength is above average and he throws a good ball, especially deep balls. (Late rounds)
Russell Wilson Wisconsin QB Sr. 5'11 207 lbs
(Mid to late rounds)
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Sammy Brown Houston OLB Sr. 6'1 235 lbs
(Late rounds)
Pat Edwards WR Sr. 5'9
178 lbs
Bryce Beall Houston RB Sr. 5'10 202 lbs
David Hunter Houston DT Sr. 6'1 283 lbs
Michael Hayes Houston RB Sr. 5'8 190 lbs
Jarve Dean Houston OG Sr. 6'3 325 lbs
Tyron Carrier Houston WR Sr. 5'6 159 lbs
Joe Suhey Penn State FB Sr. 6'1 220 lbs
Johnnie Troutman Penn State OG Sr. 6'4 327 lbs
Quinn Barham Penn State OT Sr. 6'3 302 lbs
Drew Astorino Penn State S Sr. 5'10 200 lbs
Nick Sukay Penn State S Sr. 6'0 210 lbs
J.B. Shugarts Ohio State OT Sr. 6'5 310 lbs
Solomon Thomas Ohio State DE Sr. 6'3 250 lbs
Andrew Sweat Ohio State OLB Sr. 6'0 232 lbs
Tyler Moeller Ohio State S Sr. 6'0 205 lbs
Jaye Howard Florida DT Sr. 6'2 301 lbs
Johnny Brantley Florida QB Sr. 6'2 218 lbs
Moses Jenkins Florida CB Sr. 6'1 183 lbs
William Green Florida DE Sr. 6'3
249 lbs
Deonte' Thompson Florida WR Sr. 5'11 202 lbs
Garrett Celek Michigan State TE Sr. 6'4 245 lbs
Keith Nichol Michigan State WR Sr. 6'2 222 lbs
Blair Walsh Georgia K Sr. 5'9 186 lbs
Possibly the top kicker in the draft. (Late Rounds)
Drew Butler Georgia { Sr. 6'1 209 lbs
(Late Rounds)
Trinton Sturdivant Georgia OT Sr. 6'5 322 lbs
Deangelo Tyson Georgia DT Sr. 6'4 292 lbs
Aron White Georgia TE Sr. 6'3 225 lbs
Bruce Figgins Georgia TE Sr. 6'2 262 lbs
Justin Anderson Georgia OG Sr. 6'4 339 lbs
Marcel Jones Nebraska OT Sr. 6'6 327 lbs
Mike Caputo Nebraska OC Sr. 6'0 275 lbs
Jermarcus Hardrick Nebraska OT Sr. 6'4 331 lbs
Austin Wells Nebraska TE Sr. 6'4 246 lbs
Austin Cassidy Nebraska S Sr. 6'0 210 lbs
Brandon Kinnie Nebraska WR Sr. 6'2 228 lbs
Rokevious Watkins South Carolina OG Sr. 6'4 322 lbs
Stephen Garcia South Carolina QB Sr. 6'2 232 lbs
Travian Robertson South Carolina DT Sr. 6'4 297 lbs
Akeem Auguste South Carolina CB Sr. 5'10 182 lbs
Kyle Nunn South Carolina OT Sr. 6'5 295 lbs
Aaron Henry Wisconsin S Sr. 5'11 208 lbs
The top safety prospect in the game, but as of right now he's not looking like someone that can start in the NFL right away. He's got the fluid hips that you look for in the position and he's rangey enough to cover the deep routes. He'll need film room study to get his route recognitions up to par. He also hasn't shown much of an ability to be a playmaker, but the same good be said of 2011 Chargers draft pick Marcus Gilchrist. (UDFA)
Kyle Wojita Wisconsin LS Sr. 6'1 228 lbs
Phil Welch Wisconsin K Sr. 6'2 210 lbs
Brad Nortman Wisconsin P Sr. 6'2 214 lbs
Bradie Ewing Wisconsin FB Sr. 5'11 238 lbs
Jake Byrne Wisconsin TE Sr. 6'4 266 lbs
Josh Oglesby Wisconsin OT Sr. 6'7 331 lbs
Patrick Butrym Wisconsin DT Sr. 6'3 290 lbs
Antonio Fenelus Wisconsin CB Sr. 5'8 193 lbs
Louis Nzegwu Wisconsin DE Sr. 6'3 248 lbs
Devin Smith Wisconsin S Sr. 5'9 188 lbs
Josh Kaddu Oregon OLB Sr. 6'3 231 lbs
Brandon Williams Oregon TE Sr. 6'3 237 lbs
Mark Asper Oregon OT Sr. 6'6 322 lbs
Lavasier Tuinei Oregon WR Sr. 6'4 213 lbs
Terrell Turner Oregon DE/td> Sr. 6'1 273 lbs
Darrion Weems Oregon OT Sr. 6'4 300 lbs
Anthony Gildon Oregon CB Sr. 5'11 178 lbs
Delano Howell Stanford S Sr. 5'10 200 lbs
A former RB who has the speed and size to play saferty in the NFL. He's still a work in progress at the position so some of his skills aren't up to snuff. However, he's shown some ability to get interceptions. (UDFA)
Max Bergen Stanford ILB Sr. 6'0/td> 230 lbs
Matthew Masifilo Stanford DE Sr. 6'3 282 lbs
Jeremy Stewart Stanford RB Sr. 6'0 215 lbs
Alex Debniak Stanford OLB Sr. 6'1 230 lbs
Johnson Bademosi Stanford S Sr. 5'11 200 lbs
Michael Thomas Stanford S Sr. 5'9 185 lbs
Grant Garner Oklahoma State WOC Sr. 6'2 307 lbs
Johnny Thomas Oklahoma State S Sr. 5'11 202 lbs
Jonathan Rush Oklahoma State OG Sr. 6'3 307 lbs
Josh Cooper Oklahoma State WR Sr. 5'10 192 lbs
Hubert Anyiam Oklahoma State WR Sr. 5'11 200 lbs