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Chargers Assistant Head Coach Steve Wilks Signs with Carolina Panthers

The San Diego Chargers Secondary Coach and Assistant Head Coach (after Rob Chudzinski left with Ron Rivera to be the Offensive Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers) Steve Wilks has one again followed Ron Rivera, first from Chicago and now from San Diego), to be the Secondary Coach for the upstart Panthers.

When Rivera left, he asked the Chargers if he could take with him Wilks and Don Johnson (the Defensive Line Coach that came with Wilks from the Bears) and was denied. Both coaches are now "free agents", able to sign anywhere, and many people have expected both of these guys to sign with Rivera in Carolina. We have yet to hear on what Johnson's plans are, but both he and Wilks were critical parts of the San Diego defensive staff for the last three seasons.

John Pagano, recently promoted to Defensive Coordinator, will have to start rounding up candidates to replace the coaches he's lost (and still might lose) as well as fill the gap left by him as the former Linebackers Coach. All the while, Norv Turner will continue to look in-house for the right person to be his Offensive Coordinator.

Now added to Norv's list of offseason tasks will be to bestow the title of "Assistant Head Coach" onto another coach. The person who gets that title is usually the highest paid and most sought-after coach on the staff. Rich Bisaccia would be a logical choice, considering he held that title when he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

We here at BFTB would like to wish Steve Wilks the best of luck with Coach Rivera and Coach Chudzinski in Carolina.