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High Boltage Radio: Norv and A.J. Stay, Others Leave

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Since Steve Adler has taken to doing the High Boltage Radio show on Saturday mornings without me (allowing me to sleep in and/or be hungover), we got together yesterday to discuss all of the big news coming out of Chargers Park these days.

Among the topics we discussed were:

  • A.J. Smith and Norv Turner staying, and why we're not incredibly upset by it.
  • Whether or not the Chargers will put the franchise tag on Vincent Jackson and what it means if they don't.
  • How Clarence Shelmon's resignation as the team's Offensive Coordinator will affect the offense in 2012, along with a list of possible candidates. (Note: Rumors are that the job will be given to longtime Offensive Line Coach Hal Hunter, but that wasn't known until after our podcast completed.)
  • How the Bolts should go about trying to fix their defense.
  • Which free agents might not be back on the team next season?
Listed to the entire 15 minute (I think) podcast by clicking on the link below.