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Chargers Defeat the Raiders: Good, Bad, and Ugly

The Chargers destroy the Raiders to finish the season 8-8. In what was a very up and down season, the Chargers coaches and players used Sunday as an audition for 2012. In a season that started with promise, it ends with disappointment as Chargers fans will be watching the playoffs with little rooting interest.

I just want to take a moment out to thank John Gennaro, the BFTB staff, and the BFTB community for being so welcoming in my rookie season on the site. It's been a blast!


Richard Goodman: I have been hard on Goodman all season. It was great to see him break out and return a kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown.

Philip Rivers: After the terrible start Rivers was able to get things rolling. He finished 19/26 310 yards and three touchdowns. For all the trouble Rivers has this season, he still put up some big numbers, clearing 4500 passing yards for a second consecutive season.

Malcom Floyd: M80 on the list again. Nine targets, seven catches, 127 yards, and a touchdown. Floyd has really put things together over the last month. If he can just stay on the field, he could have a huge 2012.

Antonio Gates: Five targets, five catches, 106 yards, and a touchdown. Gates finsishes with the team lead in receptions. Some chatter came up during the season about finding the potential replacement for Gates. I think that is something that needs to be addressed, but with his performance in the second half of the season, it's not as much of a priority as it was earlier in the season.

Donald Butler and Takeo Spikes: A very productive duo this season, they were first in second in tackles on Sunday and finished the season first and second as well.


Ryan Mathews: Mathews teased fans this season once again. When was healthy he was exciting, it's just a shame he wasn't able to be part of this victory.

Pass rush: No sacks once again for the Chargers. Palmer has always been great at putting up yardage totals when his team is behind, but the lack of pass rush was killing the secondary today.

Penalties: 8-68 for the Chargers and 8-64 for the Raiders, which means... the Chargers get the W. Not the type of win you want on a regular basis, but at least the Chargers beat the Raiders at their own game. If that wasn't enough the Chargers also had more players (1) ejected from the game than the Raiders.


Antwan Barnes: Barnes was thrown out early in the game after bumping into an official. Which reminds me of so many times this Chargers team has lacked composure and discipline under Norv.

It's over: After waiting for the lockout to be lifted, the NFL season flew by. I'm not sure how many seasons the Chargers will be in San Diego, but win, lose, or tie, I'm glad we have a football team in "America's Finest City"

That's going to wrap things up for me this week. Who made your list?